Partner Organizations

From the outset, Person-to-Person began using their resources to help those in need while educating others about the impact of poverty and injustice. Efforts to help began with food and clothing and grew to include: Financial Assistance for emergencies; Camperships so children would be safe during the summer while their parents worked; College Scholarships to help break the cycle of poverty… [more info]

Love ALL Project is a volunteer non-partisan organization whose mission is to stop the cycle of hate by fostering understanding and relationships between different cultures through community collaborations. Love ALL Project will provide ways for our community to link arms and work together to better understand one another…[more info]

The mission of Open Door is to effectively address the causes and complexities of the homeless and working poor by providing shelter, food, clothing, case management services, treatment services, transitional planning for short and long term goals, subsidized housing, education, employment, and a path towards independence and success…[more info]